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Tan Kin Lian Presidential Rally 2011

Part 1

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Tan Jee Say Presidential Rally on 23 Aug 2011 at Toa Payoh Stadium

Part 1

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Singapore Presidential Election 2011

Singapore Presidential election is coming on 27 Aug 2011 (Sat).

I have only a few things to say…

Role of President

  • The first role that most people think of is a person of honest character who will serve as a role model of fellow Singaporean.
  • The next role is a person will is the last approval signature that allow the government to touch our reserve. Meaning to say, this person must be independent from the influence of the government, posses the ability to judge and make his/her own decision. There must not be any conflict of interest when it come to making the final decision to sign on the reserve utilization form.
  • It is also the role of President to make sure that our reserve is properly managed by fund managers. He/she must possess the skills and motivation to audit the account at periodic interval. If there is any signs of mis-management (Which can happen as we already saw in some of our town council fund mis-management in risky financial products), the President must be able and willing to bring it to parliament notice.
  • The President also serve as a ambassador to visit other nations and establish a friendly and constructive relationship with leaders of global nations. In this aspect, the President will need to have the full support of the ruling party.

We all know that Singapore President’s role is mainly symbolic unlike those in other nations. So the result will not likely to affect Singapore future policy. But its result will be significant because it will show the complete picture of Singapore citizens approval rating on the ruling party (Without the GRC protection system).

Links to Presidential Election 2011

Singapore Official Media

Tan Kin Lian

Tan Jee Say

Tan Cheng Bock

Tony Tan

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Singapore Hawker food remain steady ?

From Today Paper (, 27 Jul 2011, Page 10

Either the Watch Group don’t know what they are doing or they purposely ignore the problem.

The problem is food portion are getting smaller and smaller. Unless they do a weight and price monitoring, it is meaningless to say that price remain steady.

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A sad comment for Singaporean

This is really a sad Singaporeans’ tale.

Formal Minister mentor said ….

My England (English) not very powderful (powerful), but does it mean…

  • …that Singapore government finally admit that Singaporeans are competing unequally for jobs in Singapore ? (Especially male Singaporean doing national service and reservist)
  • …that “It cannot be helped” means that Singaporeans must accept the discrimination practice and government will not do anything about it ?
  • …that it is a positive signal to allow employers to discriminate against local Singaporeans whenever possible ?

From Today ( on 23 Jul 2011, Page 4

Singapore have finally re-claim the long piece of land along the railway track to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. No more bothersome restriction to Singapore development.

The next thing everyone going to ask is “What’s next ?”

My Suggestion is as followed..

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How to protect HDB roof access to water tank

  • Sembawang Town Council general manager Soon Min Sin said that there is “no foolproof method” to prevent water tanks from being sabotaged.
  • Rooftop-access keys are under “strict control”, said Mr Soon. The Town Council will issue a copy of the roof-access door’s key to those carrying out maintenance and emergency lift-rescue work
  • Other than the occasional spot check, the Town Council staff conduct checks on the rooftop once a month
  • “Because the water tank is a sensitive asset, it has to be protected all the time,” said Prof Gunaratna. Mr Soon said that the Town Council is studying feasible ways to improve security such that maintenance or emergency work is not hindered.

The above are extracted from

As I understood, they have came up with a countermeasure that only town council staff may hold the key (cannot be duplicated). If the service worker need to access the roof and water tank, the town council staff is suppose to accompany the worker to unlock the roof and water tank. The problem is whether the town council staff will stay with the service worker all the time while he carry out the operation.

If not,  the service worker may put special ingredient into the water tank.
If yes, what is preventing the town council staff from staying with the worker until work completion ?

I have come up with a procedure that may help the situation…

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CPF Revision damn funny

The above article was taken from My Paper, 1 Jun 2011, Page A2

  • It was announced in August 2003, that the minimum sum would be raised gradually to reach S$120,000 (in 2003 dollars) in 2013.

The above was extracted from

If you read the statement, does it sound funny to you ? Minimum sum being revised to $131k while the announcement in Aug 2003 was to reach $120k in 2013. Is it over revised ?

They are damn smart, they put in clause that said “(in 2003 dollars)”.

So if we take into consideration of inflation (Assume minimum 3%), they want to revise it up to $161k or more  (Refer below) in 2013, so be very prepared.

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PM Lee says Singapore must study nuclear option

  • Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong again stressed that Singapore has not made a decision on nuclear power but it is an option that must be studied.

The above was extracted from

Does PM Lee not understand the gravity of building a nuclear plant in Singapore ?

Let me reiterate from my previous post (…

  • SINGAPORE IS TOO SMALL !!! There is no room in Singapore to build nuclear plant. Singaporeans will have to jump into the sea if a nuclear accident were to happen.
  • If Singapore consider to build nuclear plant, it would be like endorsing  Malaysia and Indonesia to build their nuclear plant near to us. Like how about building a nuclear plant along the coast of Johore, directly opposite to Changi Airport.
    It would be ideal for Malaysia because it is far from their populations and give them ample room for their citizens to evacuate. But it would be a ticking time bomb that can wipe Singapore off the world map in seconds.
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Woodland water tank murder

  • The body of an Indonesian maid was found floating in a water tank at Block 686B on Monday and residents have been squeamish about drinking the water from the tap. A Bangladeshi cleaner was charged with her murder on Wednesday.
  • In a statement, Coordinating Chairman Dr Teo Ho Pin said they would allow only authorised Town Council staff and the Emergency Unit to have access to the water tanks.
  • Dr Teo said there is currently two levels of security control in place for access to the water tanks.
  • The issue of the keys is restricted to authorised personnel for maintenance and emergency work.

The above was extracted from

  • 对话会上惊爆客工披着毛巾进出天台,居民怀疑他们在水槽里冲凉,甚至幽会完事就地洗身,不禁提出质疑:案发前到底喝了多久的脏水?
  • 居民在对话会上爆出,组屋天台成了客工幽会天堂,案发前还多次看到客工从组屋顶层下楼,怀疑他们“盗用”槽水。

The above was extracted from

I have only one concern below…

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