Posted by: bigtalksingapore | December 19, 2011

SMRT breakdown is not a technical problem but mainly a political one

My view is that this is mainly a political problem, not a technical one.

Why do I say that ?

Lets take a look at the events…

  • Puppy (Pa-P) win Singapore election at the expense of losing a GRC.
  • Review of the election result shows that one of the main unhappiness is public transport overcrowding and too slow.
  • Puppy probably give order to SMRT to improve at all cost to show voters that they have heard their voices.
  • SMRT under pressure and take the easiest way out, increase train frequency.
  • SMRT implement the solution without accessing how the increase in train frequency will affect the deterioration of the track.

Was there nobody in SMRT to be smart enough to link increase frequency to breakdown ? Don’t think so.



  1. You can only do that if you have a SMRT and DBS CEOs who are carefully selected for their high obedience/compliant indexes! And they do of course or they would NEVER be able to occupy those seats however technically qualified they may be!

    Welcome to Singapore govt manpower selection 101!

  2. So they decide now to have less breakdown but can we still choose whether to board or wait for the next train?

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