Posted by: bigtalksingapore | August 13, 2011

Singapore Presidential Election 2011

Singapore Presidential election is coming on 27 Aug 2011 (Sat).

I have only a few things to say…

Role of President

  • The first role that most people think of is a person of honest character who will serve as a role model of fellow Singaporean.
  • The next role is a person will is the last approval signature that allow the government to touch our reserve. Meaning to say, this person must be independent from the influence of the government, posses the ability to judge and make his/her own decision. There must not be any conflict of interest when it come to making the final decision to sign on the reserve utilization form.
  • It is also the role of President to make sure that our reserve is properly managed by fund managers. He/she must possess the skills and motivation to audit the account at periodic interval. If there is any signs of mis-management (Which can happen as we already saw in some of our town council fund mis-management in risky financial products), the President must be able and willing to bring it to parliament notice.
  • The President also serve as a ambassador to visit other nations and establish a friendly and constructive relationship with leaders of global nations. In this aspect, the President will need to have the full support of the ruling party.

We all know that Singapore President’s role is mainly symbolic unlike those in other nations. So the result will not likely to affect Singapore future policy. But its result will be significant because it will show the complete picture of Singapore citizens approval rating on the ruling party (Without the GRC protection system).

Links to Presidential Election 2011

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Tan Jee Say

Tan Cheng Bock

Tony Tan


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