Posted by: bigtalksingapore | June 2, 2011

PM Lee says Singapore must study nuclear option

  • Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong again stressed that Singapore has not made a decision on nuclear power but it is an option that must be studied.

The above was extracted from

Does PM Lee not understand the gravity of building a nuclear plant in Singapore ?

Let me reiterate from my previous post (…

  • SINGAPORE IS TOO SMALL !!! There is no room in Singapore to build nuclear plant. Singaporeans will have to jump into the sea if a nuclear accident were to happen.
  • If Singapore consider to build nuclear plant, it would be like endorsing  Malaysia and Indonesia to build their nuclear plant near to us. Like how about building a nuclear plant along the coast of Johore, directly opposite to Changi Airport.
    It would be ideal for Malaysia because it is far from their populations and give them ample room for their citizens to evacuate. But it would be a ticking time bomb that can wipe Singapore off the world map in seconds.

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