Posted by: bigtalksingapore | May 21, 2011

Woodland water tank murder

  • The body of an Indonesian maid was found floating in a water tank at Block 686B on Monday and residents have been squeamish about drinking the water from the tap. A Bangladeshi cleaner was charged with her murder on Wednesday.
  • In a statement, Coordinating Chairman Dr Teo Ho Pin said they would allow only authorised Town Council staff and the Emergency Unit to have access to the water tanks.
  • Dr Teo said there is currently two levels of security control in place for access to the water tanks.
  • The issue of the keys is restricted to authorised personnel for maintenance and emergency work.

The above was extracted from

  • 对话会上惊爆客工披着毛巾进出天台,居民怀疑他们在水槽里冲凉,甚至幽会完事就地洗身,不禁提出质疑:案发前到底喝了多久的脏水?
  • 居民在对话会上爆出,组屋天台成了客工幽会天堂,案发前还多次看到客工从组屋顶层下楼,怀疑他们“盗用”槽水。

The above was extracted from

I have only one concern below…

  • It was announced to public that all the locks in the region were changed.
    How about the rest of the HDB water tank ?
  • If the foreign workers in woodland have duplicated the key to the water tank, it also mean that all the HDB flats around Singapore has danger of access to foreign workers with duplicated keys.
  • One lousy day, if one of the foreign worker is not happy, what is stopping him from dumping rat poison into the water tank ?
  • This will be a ticking time bomb unless the government do something.
    We don’t want our HDB water tank become a device of mass destruction, do we ?

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