Posted by: bigtalksingapore | May 11, 2011

Singapore Pledge version 2.0

“We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language, religion or PARTIES,
to build a democratic society based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.” Singapore Pledge Version 2.0

Why do we need to revise our national pledge as above ?

This is because I can see a line that is starting to divide Singaporeans into half.
This line will divide  Singaporeans into the Puppy (PA-P pronounce separately) fans against Opposition fans.
Read this posting by Temasek Review and you will see what I mean.

The following bullet points are taken from the Temasek Review posting above.

  • The Straits Times quoted Jurong Town Council general manager Ho Thian Poh as saying that Geraldine had displayed ‘weaknesses in attending to calls from residents, and following up on calls’ and that she was asked to leave because her “performance had not been up to scratch for several months.”
  • …Geraldine has been working at the Town Council for three years without receiving a single complaint or warning from her employer…
  • …Mr Ho Thian Poh is a PAP member and a branch secretary of Bukit Batok East which was not mentioned in any of the papers…
  • …Jurong Town Council has given time off to its staff to attend PAP rallies…

Below are my opinions and speculations…

  • Obviously Mr Ho was disgruntled by the change in Singaporean heart against the belief that only Puppy is the only choice to move Singapore forward.
    Worst still, when George Yeo appeared in TV and talk about his resignation from political, it will spark a rage of outcry from Puppy fans.
    This anger is the same as in everyone whose political parties they support lose power. It is human nature and ok to feel this way.
  • The problem is that when this anger is translated into action that may become harmful to others (Fanatic behavior). In this case, a loss of job and lively-hood for Ms Geraldine.
  • The question is not whether Ms Geraldine work performance is weak (Although based on the report, she is not a bad worker), the question is why she was fired at a time so close to election. Does Mr Ho knew that this is a sensitive period ? Why not wait for 3 months ? Why now ?
  • It seems that Mr Ho is over his head and trying to send a signal both to the Puppy and all Singaporean.
    And the signal seems to read “We are the group who support Puppy. We will do whatever it takes to retain Puppy power and make sure that Singapore Politic arena remains Status Quo. And we (usually people of high ranking position) will fix whoever that is against us (Secretly).”
  • While I hope and believed that Puppy leaders are not involved in this, there is a need for Puppy leaders to investigate and clarify this event publicly and fairly. Failure to do so within reasonable period will only send one message “We heard but we don’t want to talk. So it is alright for Puppy fans to continue what they are doing.”
  • Singapore is at a political changing point toward greater democracy. We do not want an event like this to set it back and allow political fanatics to create an atmosphere of “Underground White Terror”.
  • We do not want a Taiwan style of politic where citizens of different political view (Eg. Blue against Green) resort to violence  against each others, even within family members’.
  • This is the same for opposition. No opposition fans should use their power to penalized and hurt Puppy supporters because of different political views.
  • All of us only want one thing “For the good of all Singaporeans.” regardless of political parties and views.



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