Posted by: bigtalksingapore | April 19, 2011

Singapore spending big money to recruit FT

  • Singaporeans Netizens have expressed outrage following The Temasek Review’s (TR) report about the largest recruitment drive in Shanghai by Contact Singapore (a Singapore Government entity formed by the Singapore Economic Development Board and Ministry of Manpower – which aims to attract “global talent” to work, invest and live in Singapore).
  • The morning session focused on the electronic industry while the afternoon focused on the service and finance industries.
  • …the fair was held in the grand ballroom of Langham Hotel which is an upmarket five-star hotel…
  • There were nine Singapore-based MNCs and Singapore local companies participating in the fair. Some of the participating companies included Panasonic Asia Pacific, MediaTek, UniConnect, DBS Bank, OCBC, UOB, Far East Organization and others.
  • Our correspondent rebuked, “No. This fair is NOT to recruit Singaporeans.
  • “Something is definitely very wrong with our policy. Why such efforts to recruit foreigners when most of these vacancies can be filled by Singaporeans?”.
  • He also questioned the purpose of Contact Singapore, “I thought Contact Singapore (funded by the taxpayers) is a platform for Singaporeans to keep in contact with Singapore and wanting to come back to work in Singapore. Why is it in the business of recruiting foreigners to work in Singapore?”
  • Pm Lee said on the TV forum that they are controlling foreigners coming in.

The above was taken from

What the shit ?
Why do I get the feeling that Singaporeans are being betrayed ?
Especially at a time when Singapore election is coming.
Or is this a case of miss-communication between the top political leaders and its own civil servant ?


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