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Is Singapore still going for nuclear with Japan nuclear meltdown ?

  • A quake-stricken nuclear plant in Japan has been hit by a third explosion in four days, amid fears of a meltdown.
  • The crisis was sparked by a 9.0-magnitude quake and tsunami on Friday.
  • One minister has said it is “highly likely” that the rods might melt. Radiation levels near the plant have risen.
  • Nearly 185,000 people have been evacuated from a 20km (12 mile) exclusion zone around the plant.

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  • Singapore may get nuclear power plant
  • IT MAY be a long time before any decision is taken on nuclear energy but Singapore should ready itself to do so, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday.
  • For Singapore, he raised concerns such as safety due to the country’s small size, which stretches about 40km from east to west.
  • He said: “It’s very difficult to put it (a nuclear power plant) very far from population because nobody in Singapore is far from population.
  • “Yet we cannot afford to dismiss the option of nuclear energy altogether.”
  • He replied: “I would say possibly during my lifetime.”

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If the Japanese are having hell of a problem preventing a meltdown, do you think Singapore can do better ?

Ya right, Singapore does not have earth quake, so different situation from Japan.
Remember that Singapore is about 250km from the quake prone zone along the Indonesia. We seem to be in an age of super duper quake, cold and rain. Can we afford to ignore the problem ?

But if a nuclear meltdown do occur, where can Singaporean go ? Into the sea ?
Japan is big enough for her nuclear meltdown citizens to be re-allocated to another part of Japan.
Where can Singapore re-allocate her citizens ?
Only those (rich and famous) with Permanent Residents status oversea can afford and able to migrate or re-allocate.
What will happen to the rest of Singaporean ?

In times like this, we will need a strong  alternative voice in our parliament to object to the construction of nuclear plant in Singapore.
Chances are that if the ruling Singapore party leaders want to build something, it will be constructed on the ground of “Greater Good” (Example of the Singapore resort or casino).

Well, some may argue that nuclear plant in Singapore will be “Super Safe” because of its highly discipline government management.
This may be true, but “Super Safe” does not mean safe.
In addition, if Singapore were to build a nuclear plant on its island, does it mean that our neighbors like Malaysia and Indonesia can build their nuclear plants near by ( like in Johor or Batam). It would diminish our ability to object and allow Malaysia and Indonesia to build their nuclear plant nearby. It would be very dangerous to entrust the safe operation of nuclear plants to these countries.


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