Posted by: bigtalksingapore | March 13, 2011

Singapore 2011 election topic: Gambling Problem

Singapore Problem Gambling ST Poll: Not enough done staving off problem gambling

Someone from independent source should do a study on how Singapore casinoes are affecting Singaporean in term of financial losses, families breakup, crimes and etc.

There is already a system where families member can make an application to exclude their gambling addicted member. But I think that it is not enough.


I would suggest making a system where ..

  • Every singaporean are only allow to enter the casino once in every seven days.
  • This should be an opt-out system where individual must apply to a government department if they want to enter the casino for more than once per week.
  • If the application is sucessful, a letter will be sent to the next of kin of the person who opt-out of the system.
  • The next of kin can then have the choice to apply for a casino exclusion order.

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