Posted by: bigtalksingapore | August 31, 2010

Singapore Government finally appreciate our NS man ?

Has the Singapore government finally woken up and realize the sacrifices of our Nsman  ?
Wow, $9000 (See Attachment #1) ! It appeared to be so.

But I kept having this little nibbling sensation that it has got to do with the coming Singapore election.
I believed many of you will also think so.
Just take a look at what Mr Mah said on the recent property bubble curb, “If you ask me whether it has got anything  to do with the elections, the answer is yes. Everything has got to do with the election.” (See Attachment #3).

On closer look at the $9000 “Free money”, it is really “Controlled money” because it is deposited into your CPF account. Can see cannot touch.
Well, at least better than nothing. 没鱼虾也好。
What this mean is that there may be a real fear in Singapore ruling party that discontent by our NSman is going to swing the votes significantly  in the coming election.

I agree that it is good for Singapore to attract foreign talent to compete with our local NSman to improve ourselves. If this competition start off from a uneven footing, it become an issue.
In my previous article (, this unequal starting point amount to about $6000 per year (See Attachment #2). This number is based on a very simple analysis, I believed the figure will be inflated more if more factors are considered.
So, the $9000 is really not too much considering the dilemma that our Nsman faced.

My general impression about this move, “大选到,要送礼,要送大,想一想,不舍得,有条件,变小小。”

I hope this appreciation for our Nsman sacrifice does not stop after the next election.

Attachment #1: 30 Aug 2010, MyPaper, Pg A4


Attachment #2:


Attachment #3: 31 Aug 2010, Today,Pg 1



  1. I would suggest all NSmen who ROD be it at 40yrs old or earlier. Take the money and give it back to the GOV and ask them to get all FT to serve 1.5 yrs of NS.

  2. Clarification. $9k for solders, $10.5k for commanders… the catch is, you have to be serving your full time NS now to qualify for the full sum.

    Because the pay outs are given in 3 phases – when you finish your full time NS, in the middle of your operational ready phase, and when you complete the whole NS cycle.

    If you have already completed that phase as of 29 Aug, you don’t get a single cent. If you have completed your NS cycle, you get nothing.

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