Posted by: bigtalksingapore | February 1, 2010

Singapore Permanent Residents Subsidies Slash

Singapore Permanent Residents medical subsidies are going to be slash (See Attachment #1 below).
Is this good news for Singaporeans ?
Will this make Singaporeans happy ?

A few points I like to “Big Talk” below…

  • First, we all know that Singapore election is coming and this is likely part of the strategy to get citizens support.
  • This subsidies decreased does not benefit Singaporeans at all.
    Singaporeans are still paying the same for their rising medical cost.
  • Only Singapore Government benefit (monetary) from this action, they can save lots of money to be spend elsewhere (Like casino or election).
  • Many PRs are going to get pretty unhappy.
    Some of these PRs are going to try to make some noise.
    When PRs find that their voices are not heard, they may re-direct their frustration at Singaporeans.
  • This could be part of the Government strategy to redirect Singaporeans’ anger towards PRs.
    Then Singaporeans can focus their energies on PR and foreigner bashing instead of the Government.
    This could be part of the preparation for the coming election.

Attachment #1: Today, 29 Jan 2010, Page 4


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