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Singapore Resident Committee member shortage

Singapore Resident Committee is running a membership deficit ! (See Attachment #1)
Blame who ?
Blame Singaporean lor, not enough babies mah.
There may be more than meets the eye.

Let me Big Talk on some of the possible reasons…

  • First is the problem of time.
    Everyone has only 24 hours per day.
    We need to spend time on work, families, friends, sleep, eat, shit and etc.
    So it make sense that the more commitments you have, the lesser time you left for others thing, like serving RC.
    Male Singaporean has to serve National Service for 2 years plus, annual reservist, IPPT and frequent weekly Remedial Training.
    How can we expect our NS man and Reservist to find the time to do RC works ?
  • Most male Singaporean came out of National Service with a not so pleasant experiences.
    So most of them would probably associate NS experiences with Government related volunteer roles (Like RC).
    By human nature, don’t expect many of them to join RC.

So it’s not surprising that Resident Committee find it difficult to recruit local Singaporean to join.
Don’t put all the blame Singaporean, this is an effect of a systematic imbalances.
Unless they make it so that doing RC duties can replace or offset Reservist In Camp Training or RT.

On the other hand, foreigner who turn Singaporean will have more time than local Singaporean to join RC.
Foreigner-Singaporean who are more “hungry” may also make use of the RC to establish their presence and network.

So it’s not just enough to say “Singaporeans are stupid”, they should add in “Singaporeans also got no time and other national commitments”

Attachment #1: Today Paper,28 Jan 2010, Page 1

Attachment #2: Today, 28 Jan 2010, Page 4



  1. When I moved to my current place 5 years ago and I almost joined the RC there.

    I paid $5 for a party for the residents to get to know the committee and also to find out more of the function of the RC, but I was very disppointed with what I saw.

    Some of the so call RC committee members were packing food home before the party was over and many residents who came later didn’t even have anything to eat. The worst was some of the committee members invited the firends for the party which is mean for the residents.

    Since this experinence I have and will never participate in any of their functions.

  2. Resident Committee are run by residents for the residents of their precinct. I must say that my experience with my above unit who is an executive member of the RC proved that they are abusing their position to their best interest in many ways.

    A three gereration family living under one roof. From laundry dripping, mop hanging on the laundry bracket 24/7 rain or shine not only had caused the paint to peel off but rusty together the water dripped on my bamboo pole and drying laundry.

    Grand-children jump rope, running around the house till late at night 11pm. The wife pound very loudly everydayl. They are uncivic-minded, not considerate but also HDB bullies! I wonder if they are sol blatant because the male owner is and RC exe member?

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