Posted by: bigtalksingapore | October 6, 2009

Singapore earthquake precautions…wrong ?

Recently, there seem to be so many earthquakes in Asia.
It is good that Singaporean should be advised on what to do during the earthquake.
“Today” paper published an article aim at educating Singaporean on this action plan (Attachment #1).

After looking through the article, I remembered reading something about what the China earthquake experts advice to hide during an earthquake (Attachment #2).
If the China experts are right, then the “Today” article is probably “Not Correct”.

In the article by the China earthquake experts (Attachment #2), they believed that hiding under the table is not safe.
This is because table is usually not strong enough to sustain the weight of a collapse ceiling.
If the table collapse, the victim will be injured and trapped .

China experts advise the correct way of doing this is to hide beside the table or bed.
If the ceiling collapse, the table and bed will create a triangular spacing that may keep the victim alive until rescue arrive.



Attachment #1: Today, 6 Oct 2009, Page 20



Attachment #2: My Paper, 3 Jun 2008, Page B8


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