Posted by: bigtalksingapore | September 25, 2009

Singapore Consumer Price Fell 0.3 Percent and Rose 0.4 Percent

Confusing ? Or have I finally gone Peanut ?…I mean “Nuts”.

Take a look at the two news articles below (Attachment #1 and #2).

Taken from Today ( and My Paper (, on the same day (24 Sep 2009).

There should be nothing wrong with the number.
The trick is that they presented the number with different perspective.
The first one was done by comparing CPI between Aug 2009 and Aug 2008.
While the second one was between Aug 2009 and Jul 2009.

I can only BigTalk this…
“The numbers will tell all…all kind of pictures. Just tell me what kind of picture you want to paint”


Attachment #1: My Paper, 24 Sep 2009, Page A16


20090924C2_SingaporeConsumerPriceRiseOrFall_TodayPgB2Attachment #2: Today, 24 Sep 2009, Page B2


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