Posted by: bigtalksingapore | August 13, 2009

National Day Parade (NDP) Balloting System

I saw an article in the “Today” (13 Aug 2009, Page 31), see attachment #1.
I think the writer is right that it is time to change our NDP balloting system.


Attachment #1: Today, 13 Aug 2009, Page 31

I would propose the following changes….

I’ll take a simple scenario, let say we are balloting for Singapore NDP ticket for her 44th birthday and there are four person balloting for 2 tickets.

Tom – A very lucky fellow who has successfully gotten his hand on the NDP for 20 times.
Sherry – Another lucky gal who has won NDP for 2 times.
Donald – Tried his hand on NDP ticket for ten years, unsuccessful.
Jimmy – First time trying his hand on the NDP ticket balloting

What I would propose is to assign the number of balloting chances by subtracting the number of times the applicants has won the NDP ticket from Singapore’s birthday (44 years old).
For example, Tom has won the ticket 20 times, so he should be allocated with (44-20) = 24 chances.
By this logic, Sherry will have (44-2) = 42 chances.
Poor Donald will have maximum of 44 chances.
Jimmy, being the first time balloting will be in the same maximum chances as Donald.

Total ballot ID = 24+42+44+44 = 154

Tom ballot ID and chances : 1 to 24 (24/154 = 16%)
Sherry ballot ID and chances : 25 to 66 (42/154 = 27%)
Donald ballot ID and chances : 68 to 110 (44/154 = 29%)
Jimmy ballot IDand chances : 113 to 154 (44/154 = 29%)

I think this would be a pretty simple system to implement.
I can probably run it on my laptop using a simple excel worksheet with some macro programming.



  1. smart. i agree.

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