Posted by: bigtalksingapore | August 11, 2009

Will Tsunami in Indian Ocean hit Singapore ?

Earthquake “Hat-Trick” hit Asia today.

One of the quake was in the India Ocean off the Andaman Island with a strength of 7.6 ! Luckily, there was no danger of tsunami.

All these quake may sound like a distance problem for people like us in Singapore.
But when I took a look at the location of the quake, I have a question.

If there was really a tsunami from the 7.6 quake near Andaman Island, how will it affect Singapore ?
Let’s take a look at the map below (Attachment #2)

If a tsunami wave was created near Andaman Island, I can image the wave will travel directly toward the Straits of Malacca. As the wave enter the strait, it will be compressed.
If this happen, a superwave may be formed as it approach Singapore.

Malaysia west coast will probably be hit hard.
If the wave managed to reach Singapore, it could be superly amplified due to the compression between the two land mass (Malaysia and Indonesia).
The effect will be very hard to imagine.

I hope I’m wrong but I wondered if our Government has taken this scenario into perspective.


Attachment #1: Screen capture from


20090811A1_EarthquakeAndTsunamiScenarioOnSingaporeAttachment #2: My Tsunami Scenario, Map taken from google maps


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