Posted by: bigtalksingapore | May 14, 2009

Losing your Singapore NRIC

I saw a news report yesterday about some one losing his IC (Identity Card) and got himself into lots of trouble.

It seemed that this fellow lose his IC along with his wallet.
Somebody picked it up and used his IC to apply for a handphone subscription, then took it to the loan shark to borrow money.
So you can imagine the shock this fellow was in when his handphone bill and loan shark came knocking.

I have a simple solution that would probably solve some of the problem.

Impose a rule to get every Singaporean to renew their IC every 10 years (Free of charge of cos).
During the IC renewal, Singaporean must go to the immigration Department to have their photo taken on the spot.
The new IC will be printed with the new face and a date stamp of when it was taken.

In this way, if some one try to impersonate the real IC holder, the phone shop salesperson or loan shark can know from the photo date stamp .



  1. I don’t know if it helps because yesterday a security personnel returned me the wrong IC. The best joke is the IC belongs to a person of the opposite sex.

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