Posted by: bigtalksingapore | April 24, 2009

Freak wind hit Singapore

A strong gush of freak wind hit Singapore on 22 Apr 2009 (Wed, ~11pm).
The hardest hit was 83 kmh in the western part of Singapore (Attachment #1, Tag #1).

In our age of “Global Warming”, maybe we should expect more of these kind of “Global Weirding”, even in well protected Singapore ?

The next questions to ask are probably…

  • Can our HDB flat able to sustain this kind of “Freak wind” at 83 kmh ?
    If it can, how long can it withstand this kind of wind ?
  • What’s the maximum wind speed our HDB flat can withstand ?
  • Is there is difference between different town center and different generation of HDB flat ?
  • Seem like our Meteorological Service are caught off guard in this instance, so what are they going to do ?

Attachment #1: Today, 24 Apr 2009, Page 4

Attachment #2: My Paper, 24 Apr 2009, Page B1

Attachment #3: My Paper, 24 Apr 2009, Page B7



  1. is it a bad omen of bad things to come

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