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Singapore next booming industry, Organ Hub

Like it or not, organ sale is going to be legalized in Singapore.
Of cos, they will make it like sounds like a sort of compensation for organ donor.
I believed that organ trading in Singapore is going to bring in huge commercial potential.

The question is whether the donor is doing it out of the goodness of his/her heart or purely for the money.
Differentiating one from another is going to be very difficult or close to impossible.

While they said that the penalty for organ trading middleman is going to be strict, how are they going to detect and prosecute if there is a middleman, especially if the middleman is not a Singaporean operating in another country.

Whatever it is, the medical industry is probably going to see a big boom in organ transplant operation when the organ trading system goes online.
We’ll need more organ transplant surgeons.

A few issues to take note here..

  • The report stated that the donor compensation system will setup to “avoid double standards and to uphold equality and fairness” (Attachment #1)
    Does this mean that there is no different between Singaporean donor and oversea donor ?
    I would believe that a compensation (eg. $20k) for kidney will be the same for a Singaporean and Indonesian ?
    Cos, if they go the other way and there is a difference (Eg $20k for Singaporean and $10k for Indonesian). I will predict that the foreign media try to make it into a big headline “Singapore buying organ from indonesian at discriminating prices.”
  • Is it going to gave global citizen the impression that “Gee, Singapore is legalizing organ trading, it’s definitely a good place to replace my organ. Singaporean are a healthy group of people, their organ is of high quality. I should go there instead of China. And their medical facilities are world class”
  • With the global economy taking a tail spin downward, looks like the Singapore next big thing “Integrated Resort/Casino” is probably going to be delayed.
    More jobless people will mean more desperate people.
    Donating organ for money will be an alternative for these people.
    How to prevent such situation ?
    Giving out handout is a “No No” cos “welfare” is a dirty word in Singapore.
    So when it come to selling organ or no food on the table, what do you think they will do ?
  • What happen if a foreign middleman living in Nigeria linked up with some rich folks in United State who need new organ with a poor donor ?
    Can the system detect these kind of situation, prevent it from happening and prosecute the middleman ?
    No system is fool proof, so there will be lots people smart enough to hack the system.
    Especially when the money is good.
  • Even if minimum compensation is paid to the donor, it can still be hacked.
    Let me give an example, a foreign middleman may find some donors in Indonesia who is in desperate of money.
    The middleman then send the donors to do some testing (In some untraceable countries) to see if they are suitable.
    If a good donor is found, send the donor to singapore to work temporary.
    The rich client can then come to Singapore to proceed with the organ transplant.
    After the transplant, the donor is compensated with minimum monetary fee to ensure no abuse of system.
    The donor take the money, goes back to Indonesia to meet the middleman for more compensation for the sale.

Attachment #1: Today, 15 Nov 2008, Page 12




  1. I think we’re missing the big picture here. PAP will only pay a measly sum of a few thousand dollars to the donor, and foreigners are ‘eligible’ to donate too! Woohoo!

    PAP is clearly exploiting the poor countries around us, where $5,000 is a large amount of money to the average citizen.

    So after PAP harvests the organs, who are the recipients? and how much will PAP sell the $5000 organ for, especially to wealthy arabs and dictators? $150,000? $250,000 for a good match?

    So people, this is why PAP is going to penalize all middlemen in this lucrative organ trade! Only PAP is allowed to be the middleman collecting fat profits from exploiting the poor and fleecing the wealthy, while Singapore and Singaporeans will earn nothing but scorn and derision from our neighbours for being exploiting them.

  2. Point taken.

  3. With the local government pumping in a lot of money into Singapore’s medical industry, I feel that singapore hospitals are very good now. Top notch service with speedy service time.

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