Posted by: bigtalksingapore | November 4, 2008

Counting down to American Election 2008

Less than 24 hours and the result of American Election will be out.

Almost the whole world is watching and waiting to see what’s going to happen to the world economy after that.

It looks like Barrack Obama is leading the race to white house.

Personally, I think that Obama will win this one.
My guess is that he’s going to win by larger margin than the poll result (65 to 70%)
But it’s going to be a hell of a tough time ahead for Mr Obama.

Below are the reason why I think Obama will win.

Why Obama will win ?

  • First non-white president.
    Obama is a essential a real “Black Horse”, and everyone love a “Black Horse”.
    He’s a representation of the minority and weaker race.
  • Obama is a pretty face, much more than Macain.
    Just like Taiwan President Ma Ying Jiu.
  • Being a non-white, Obama will project a better impression in foreign countries.
  • Obama is like the Robin Hood in the eye of middle and low income families.
    In bad time like this, the majority (Middle and Low income) is going to vote for Robin Hood.
    Most are already sick of wall street fat cat.

Why MacCain will lose ?

  • MacCain history and linkage to George Bush is a drag down.
    Especially when he had supported Bush for so many occasion.
  • MacCain is a war veteran.
    Most American are sick of war, especially in Iraq.
    I can’t understand why the Republican chose a war veteran to run for President.
  • MacCain is too old, Palin is too young.
  • MacCain keep humping on “Joe the Plumber” like a broken record.
  • MacCain performance in the last presidential dedate was pretty bad, he looks so uneasy during the debate.

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