Posted by: bigtalksingapore | October 28, 2008

More biscuits detected with Melamine

Firstly, I want to say this…


What the shit is Singapore AVA doing all these while when they detected our biscuit is contaminated with Melamine.

The paper reported that they completed check on 640 types of biscuit before releasing the information (News cutting #1).
I’m guessing that they may have consolidated the results (for many days or even weeks) and hold meetings before releasing the information.

Shouldn’t they release information as soon as possible whenever the test result of each product is confirmed ?

Every day of delay in releasing the information means more people (especially children) will eat the tainted biscuits without knowing. They should know this and put some sense of urgency into the matter.

They kept mentioning that the tainted biscuit can do little or no damage.
Exactly how they know this still puzzled me.
Cos from what I know, experts from World Health Organization also do not know the exact effect of Melamine on human and their safety limit.
That’s why Hong Kong has a stricter limit than Singapore, no one really know.

I’ve been eating one of Juliet biscuit (See Attachment #2) for the past few weeks and I noticed that my shitting has not been very smooth for the past few days.
I stop eating anymore of the biscuit and my shitting today seemed to return back to normal.

Are we going to lose confidence in AVA abilities ?

A few suggestions to AVA here..

  1. They should release the complete list of products that have been tested so far.
    This should be accompanied by the level of Melamine detected even if it pass the 5ppm safety level.
    Consumers should have the choice to know if the product they are buying is 1ppm, 2ppm or even 4.5ppm.
  2. AVA should do daily update in their website on the result of the tested product of the day.
  3. They should explain the sampling procedure and passing criteria work flow.
    I give you three possible scenario..
    Scenario one: Random sampling on 1 packet of biscuit. If the biscuit is detected with Melamine above safety limit, go take another 2 packets of biscuit from the same batch. If the other two pass the safety limit, let it pass.
    Scenario two: Random sampling on 3 packet of biscuit in same batch. If two or more is within the safety limit, let it pass (even though it may be 4.5ppm).
    Scenario three: Random sampling on 3 packet of biscuit in three different batch. If two or more is within the safety limit, let it pass.
    So you see, the procedure of sample and passing criteria and work flow are crucial.
  4. Force all major supermarkets to setup recall counter for customer to return tainted products.
    In case of big families with many children, they may buy many packets of the biscuit at one time.
    Telling them to throw all the biscuit into the rubbish bin is really a waste of money, especially when the economy is looking to be pretty bleak ahead.

News Cutting #1: Today, 25 Oct 2008, Page 1


News Cutting #2: Today, 25 Oct 2008, Page 3


Attachment #1: Press release from AVA
(Click here for AVA link)
(Click here for the same press release in PDF in my blog)


Attachment #2: Remain of what I ate for the past few weeks


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