Posted by: bigtalksingapore | October 14, 2008

Preferential treatment to Serangoon Garden residents

There was a letter (Attachment #1) in the Today paper that LTA (Land Transport Authority) spend $2 millions to mollify (appease the anger of) the residents of Serangoon Garden.
Whereas, residents in Jurong, Jalan Kayu and Balestier did not get such treatment.

The letter did not elaborate the detail of  how the $2 million was spend to appease residents of Serangoon Garden.
From the picture in the letter, it looks like some kind of barrier to divide the foreign workers from the residents.


To put it in a politically correct way, the government take care to listen to the opinion of its citizen and resident  (eg. Serangoon Garden residents and alike).
In another word, look like the government are really scare of infuriating the wrath of the Serangoon Garden power.


They must be regretting now that they choose Serangoon Garden for the workers dormitory.
This is a big lesson for them.
So from now on, they know where to locate the next dormitory.


A few things we can infer from this experience..

  • Serangoon Garden residents felt more strongly about the dormitory than residents in Jurong.
    This is because Serangoon Garden residents got more to lose than those in Jurong.
    Jurong residents mainly live in HDB flats, once they close their door, the foreign workers will not see and know what Jurong residents do inside.
    Serangoon Garden residents live in private house with large garden. Their activities are pretty much expose and out in the open. The car that they drove are easily visible. So does some of their extravagant lifestyle.
    Imagine the foreign workers going back to their dormitory after a long day toil, pass by the Serangoon Garden luxury housing and saw their lifestyle, EVERDAY.
    How will the foreign workers feel ?
    And how will the Serangoon Garden residents feel when so many foreign workers are looking at their lifestyle with admiration, EVERDAY.
    So, it’s also a matter of their lifestyle being infringed.
    This reminded me of a story I read long ago called


    set around World War 2 period.
    San Mao (三毛), a little kid and street urchin, was loitering around and passed by a posh restaurant.
    Through the restaurant glass window, he saw a rich businessman who have just finished his dinner, with a table full of leftover to be discarded.
    San Mao rubbed his grumbling stomach, felt a sense of unfairness and contemplated of teaching the businessman a lesson when he come out later.

  • In Singapore society, money talk. So, its understandable why Serangoon Garden residents get preferential treatment.
  • Serangoon Garden residents are financially well off and can afford the time to organize and voice their opinion to the Government.
    Jurong residents are a poorer lot and have to work their ass off to pay their ever increasing bills. Where got time to do all these things ?


Attachment #1: Today, 14 Oct 2008, Page 21


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