Posted by: bigtalksingapore | September 9, 2008

Google is putting old newspaper online (Re-Editing)

Google is launching a new initiative to put past archive of newspaper online and make it search-able for netizens.

I think it is a very good idea …

Report making
User can make use of the service and quotes from articles in the Google newspaper search and put it in their formal report.
This is unlike normal internet search where it chute out a number of website links that we may have never heard of (let alone trust).
These articles are from reputable newspaper publishing company, therefore the level of true-ness is definitely higher.

The service will be useful for students, business researchers, entrepreneurs and basically anyone preparing a report or presentation.

Public Conference
This service can also be used by citizen of all levels in Singapore to improve the system.
For example, lets say there’s a public government feedback session on a specific topic or policies.
Citizens attending the conference can do research (before the session) on the topic using the new Google service.
Citizen can then do a write up of his/her concerns with references to these articles. This will provide more meaning dialog session with information and facts from more reliable sources, and not just online rumor from unknown website.

This is like putting “Reliable” (And Search-able) information at the finger tips of every citizens and netizens, not just for the selected few.
I hope Singapore news media can join in this initiative.

Attachment #1: Article from BBC


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