Posted by: bigtalksingapore | August 25, 2008

Making babies make our Singaporean women not competitive.

Singapore Prime Minister highlighted the problem of Singaporean not making enough babies to replace themselves and implement a range of tools to reverse the situation. Many of which are monetary and time-off incentives.
It is good to see the government doing something to help Singaporean.

Will these incentives be effective in solving the problem ?
An article in “Today” newspaper (Attachment #1) highlight the inadequacy of these incentives.
I’ll pull out some important quotes from the article.

“Letting an employee go away for four months can leave us stranded without sufficient cover. But we don’t have a choice except to bite the bullet.”

“Mr Ong noted that there are heavier business costs, such as failure to meet projected deadlines or a drop in service levels.”

“Ms Annie Yap, co-opt council member of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises which represents 5,000 members, told 938live: “If it impacts the business costs, then we will wait for the legislation before we start doing so.” ”

“He recounted how two former workers had claimed their 12-week maternity leave entitlement — only to immediately tender their resignation upon their return. “Eventually, some bosses might want to hire only men to save themselves the trouble.”

This article also bring out another important (And taboo) issue in Singapore (Look at the comic in the article in Attachment #1).
That is the impact of National Service and Reservist on the competitiveness of Singaporean, especially the younger generation who are facing the effect of globalization and foreign talents.

As such, I will be starting a little project (I will call it “大话计划” or “Big Talk Project”) to compile these little problems that our Singaporean faced.
I will start with the following topics

  • Education: Making Singaporean students more competitive.
  • National Service: Enabling our NS-man.
  • Reservist: Helping reservist compete.
  • Family and Babies: Encouraging families and more babies.
  • Old Worker: Increasing employ-ability of old Singaporean.

And I will create a link on the right panel to update you of any new idea that I may come across. So watch out for it !

Attachment #1: Today, 23 August 2008, Page 3


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