Posted by: bigtalksingapore | July 19, 2008

Is Singapore in a quick-sand while trying to bail out America and Europe banks?

Wow..Temasak holding is going to put more money into Barclay despite all the bad news that’s unraveling and had unraveled since the sub-prime crisis.
Temasak Holding has been putting lots of Singaporean money into Barclay and Merrill Lynch while GIC (Government Investment Cooporation) invest (or gamble) on UBS.

I don’t know what to say, is it plain gambling or long term investment ?
Sound more like a situation where a gambler who keep losing money and upping his stake to recoup whatever he had lost in one final shot.
The problem is that the final shot may never arrive.

Let’s hope for the best and not let these series of bad investments or gambling drag Singapore down.

After all, mundane people like us can’t do anything about it.
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Attachment #1: Today, 19 July 2008, Page 28

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Attachment #4:Strait Time, 19 July 2008

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