Posted by: bigtalksingapore | July 10, 2008

To combat inflation, your salary should not increase ?

Singapore government is famous for making “Painful” comment and decision for its people, but this one should be recorded down as a classic.


Translation: If employer increased the salary of their workers, it will lead to further inflation, reduce Singapore competitiveness and affect the employment market.

My personal opinion is as followed…

  1. When it come to helping citizens dealing with inflation vs the interest of employer and investor, government will treat citizens suffering as a lower priority.
  2. Our Ministers may be losing touch with the people, cos this come as a very insensitive comment when everyone are hurted by the inflation.
  3. Shouldn’t the ministers take the initiative to reduce their increasing million dollar salary as an example to the people to not expect salary increment ?

Cutting from

From Today, 10 July 2008, Page 6

From Today, 14 Dec 2007, Page 2


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