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What more can we learn from the Tampinese Cement Truck Accident.


It is sad whenever I heard of accident due to human negligence. There was many comments in the paper and internet with talk of how to prevent accident of such nature in the future. But it seem that they missed an important point. Let me highlight it using a real life event that happened to me.

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Singapore Procurement Lapses

(Article taken from, 14 Aug 2012)

Looks like they are finally going to do something about this problem, after more than 10 years (Refer to

Or is it going to be another 10 years ? Let’s wait and see.

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What’s the lesson in the SMRT breakdown ?

I can only draw one conclusion from all that rounds of SMRT breakdown inquiry. My conclusion is …

Everyone (from SMRT  to LTA and etc) are trying to shrink from their responsibilities. When it is making money, everyone want to come in and say “I help to make it possible.” When things goes wrong, it become “Not my fault.” Is this the kind of leadership in our public transport system ?

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Check your computer

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Singapore Government Agencies missing money

It is good that they finally make this public and confront the problem.

When I say finally, I mean that this problem have been in existence since long long time ago. Don’t believed ? Take a look at another article below that I cut it out of Singapore Straits Time on 13 October 2001.

You’re right, this problem has been around since 2001 and they knew about it. So after more than 10 years, looks like not much action have been done.

So will they get around to start doing something after sitting around for 10 years ? Hmm…I’m not convince just yet based on their past performance.

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How to store your food ?

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Pay cut for Singapore ministers

The following were taken from and

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SMRT breakdown is not a technical problem but mainly a political one

My view is that this is mainly a political problem, not a technical one.

Why do I say that ?

Lets take a look at the events…

  • Puppy (Pa-P) win Singapore election at the expense of losing a GRC.
  • Review of the election result shows that one of the main unhappiness is public transport overcrowding and too slow.
  • Puppy probably give order to SMRT to improve at all cost to show voters that they have heard their voices.
  • SMRT under pressure and take the easiest way out, increase train frequency.
  • SMRT implement the solution without accessing how the increase in train frequency will affect the deterioration of the track.

Was there nobody in SMRT to be smart enough to link increase frequency to breakdown ? Don’t think so.

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Singapore HDB resale price

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Singapore 2011 Presidential Election

And the winner is Tony Tan (winning by a 0.34 per cent margin, or 7,269 votes.).

Dr Tony Tan got 744,397 votes (35.19%)

Dr Tan Cheng Bock got 737,128 votes (34.85%)

Mr Tan Jee Say got 529,732 votes (25.04%)

Mr Tan Kin Lian got 103,931 votes (4.91%). This means he will lose his election deposit of S$48,000.

Total of 2,115,188 valid votes (Out of total of 2,274,773 voters).

Meaning a total of about 122,759 invalid (37,826) or uncast (84,933) votes .


Many people said that this is a symbolic election that show how Singaporean react to the recent “Singaporean First” policy.

Most of them said that the narrow win by Tony Tan is a slap on the face of the ruling party (PA-P or Puppy). I want to look at this from another angle.

Below is my analysis…

  • First, I’ll make an assumption based on the last general election in May 2011. That puppy support of 60% election votes and opposition 40% is reflected in this Presidential Election .

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